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Grand Opening Sweepstakes

We have some amazing prizes right now and we are adding more before the year ends! Here are a few so far:

  • Wahle Free Lighting

    $2000 Holiday Lighting Package for your home or business from Wahle Inc

    (1 Winner)

    more info
  • Text Deal king Referral Sweepstakes

    Special Referral Sweepstakes: $750 to the referrer and $250 to the referee

    (3 Winners)

    more info
  • Free Oil Change

    Free Oil change at Golden Auto in Council Bluffs

    (12 Winners)

    more info
  • More Sweepstakes

    More coming soon!

Hurry, our first sweepstakes drawing is on 12-6-2020!

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Text Deal King Deals

Official Launch: [coming soon...]

We are officially launching our Deals in 2021. However, join now for some amazing sweepstakes prizes (see above)